When your WĀKE comes to an end, it’s not the end. Through the LifeCycle program, we can recycle it into raw materials and make something new. It’s good for your case and for our planet. Here’s how it works:

1. Clean off any stickers or add-ons

2. Pack your well-loved WĀKE in an envelope (recycled for extra karma)

3. Mail it our way:

ATTN: The LifeCycle
Expeditors International PTY LTD
104-110 Buchanan Road
Banyo QLD 4104

Thank you in advance for taking this extra step to close the production loop and create a healthier tomorrow.

WĀKE Recycle Questions

Unfortunately not. Most recycling facilities don’t know what materials go into WĀKE, so they would likely send it to a landfill. We do know what’s inside, which is why we can repurpose WĀKE and make new things from it. Just mail it back, and we’ll do the rest.

No, WĀKE is not compostable. It would need to disintegrate into natural elements in a compost environment to be considered compostable or biodegradable, which it does not. While it won’t disappear into the earth, it can be returned to its essential ingredients and repurposed into new products. We believe there’s more impact in reusing materials, creating a more closed production loop, than always starting with new materials.